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Plumbing Repairs In Whitby

Durham Plumbing Services provides plumbing repairs and bathroom renovations in Whitby, Ontario.

Quite often we find ourselves renovating bathrooms in the older homes located in downtown Whitby.

A common plumbing problem in older homes is loud banging pipes. When you hear a loud bang coming from your plumbing, it’s a problem called a water hammer. The water hammer occurs when there’s a sudden increase in water pressure or a valve closes very quickly.

Water Hammer

Water hammer is also caused by waterlogged air chambers, clogged chambers, or excess pressure in your plumbing system. The loud sound, is the result of pipes moving and banging around in their hangers. Water hammer could cause damage to dishwashers, toilets, and other appliances connected to your water supply.

If you live in Whitby and you are experiencing water hammer, give us a call. We have the experience and the solutions to make water hammer a thing of the past.

We also offer a complete line of plumbing fixtures and upgrade products to suit any taste or style. If you have an older bathtub and tile and want a tile less solution, a full acrylic tub shower unit could be a great solution for you.

If you want to conserve water, as we do, it’s good for your wallet and the planet. Upgrading to an Ultra-Low Flush toilet will be a big step in saving water. If you decide on a Comfort Height toilet (our biggest seller) it can save your knees as well. Check out the highly recommended Gerber Viper Comfort Height Ultra Flush Toilet.

If you are looking to upgrade the old fixtures in your Whitby home, in need of a small repair, or a new bathroom we’ve got you covered.

We only stock our trucks with professional grade quality plumbing repair parts and fixtures.

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